Coastal Christian High School requires a minimum of 26 credits to graduate. This graduation requirement exceeds the minimum credits as required by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education (NCDNPE).

College-Preparatory (Standard) requires 26 units that include:

  • 4 sequential credits in English
  • 4 credits of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and any math beyond Algebra II)
  • 3 credits of History (World History, US History, a course in Government)
  • 3 credits of Science required; 4 recommended (one physical science and one biological science)
  • 2 consecutive credits of foreign language required; 3 recommended
  • 1 Bible credit for each year of enrollment beginning with students entering in the Fall of 2023
  • 1 credit of PE/Health (may also be fulfilled with CCHS athletic team participation and Health Seminar)
  • 1 credit of Fine Arts
  • 6 credits electives

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • All seniors are required to take the SAT, ACT, or community college entrance exam by March of their senior year.

  • All seniors must have reported the completion of a minimum of 25 hours of community service for every year in attendance at CCHS before graduation.

Course Catalog

Grading Policy

Grading Standard

CCHS uses the following grading scale for Standard College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement levels of study: A = (90-100) B = (80-89) C = (70-79) D = (60-69) F = (59 and below)