Coastal Christian High School

wants to celebrate and recognize our Seniors for their scholarship earnings during the school year. Seniors and their families can submit their scholarship information through our report form.

All seniors will be added to a Google Classroom at the beginning of the school year to help them in the scholarship search. The Google Classroom will be updated often with dates/deadlines and should be checked throughout the school year.

When searching for scholarships, practice caution when sending/receiving information. Make sure the scholarship information and offers you receive are legitimate, and remember that you shouldn’t have to pay money to find scholarships or other financial aid. Never give out bank or personal information unless you feel confident that the scholarship is credible!

After checking the college websites for available scholarships, you should also check with local churches, community organizations, the Rotary Club, and Veteran family members for other opportunities. Here are a few reliable sources when searching for scholarships: